Private Placement, 144A, Euro IPO's, the Wall Street, New York private placement service leader, was created out of the need to give start-ups, later stage companies and the every-day entrepreneur the ability to work with a firm that has a vested interest in its success. Aside from assisting in private placements, and other documents geared for investment, assists entrepreneurs in Eurobond, stock IPO's and 144A registration and setup. Our team of consultants dedicates its time and resources to the growth and sustainability of our clients. Seeking a private placement or public offering? More About Us

What is Private Placement?

A private placement, also known as an initial private offering is the issuance and sale of stock of a company to an institutional investor, accredited and/or non-accredited investor to procure financing and raise capital. The Offering Memorandum shall outline the terms of the investment securities being offered non-publicly. The structure of the private placement somewhat resembles a business plan in both layout and detail, allowing a company the ability to raise capital through the sale of equity or debt securities compliant with the SEC's Regulation D. Read More

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